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Design Process

How we do things
  • Step 1 Briefing
After we received your deposit our team will be in contact with you to understand your vision for your business.
You will be required to send us all photos, content information, etc.
We will then start the designing process according to all your requirements and expectation received in the briefing.

  • Step 2 Research
At this point, our team will be researching the latest trend designs to give you the best design.
Please trust our abilities and experience in the researching matter.

  • Step 3 Concept
Our team will provide you with different concepts for your design thru e-mail communication

  • Step 4 Presentation & Revisions
Now you will have the opportunity to review the different designs we develop, your feedback is now requested.
We will adjust the necessary details to finalize your design.

  • Step 5 Payment
When you are completely satisfied with the design you can pay the outstanding amount, and we'll send you all the necessary files for designs or launch your website.

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